Deciduous Trees (other species and varieties available)

Evergreen Trees (other species and varieties available)

Nursery Grade Eastern White Cedars

Our nursery grade cedars have been field grown, pruned, fertilized and come in a wire basket. A suitable option for instant screening and privacy in a hedge setting or as a stand-alone tree.

Hedging Grade Eastern White Cedars

Natural hedging grade cedars are typically used as an economical option for screening or creating a quick hedge, or to fill in spots for an existing hedge. They come in an easy to plant small dirt root ball, and can be planted on roughly 1.5-2' centers. These cedars can be dug all season, and start at 4' up to 12'. Please call for on yard availability.

Tree Planting Guide

For guidance on how to plant your tree and the aftercare required please see our guide.